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Mahajani especially if you are taking: At your initial consultation, you are most welcome to bring your spouse or a friend. You should discuss any queries or concerns you may have with the surgery with Dr.

Return to the top You are most welcome for second opinions at any time and if every you are in doubt, we believe you should seek other opinions.

A Plastic Surgeon is recognised as a specialist in the discipline of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Medicare Australia.

Members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons would have trained in Plastic Surgery which encompasses cosmetic and reconstructive procedures; and would have completed all the Surgical Education and Training requirements in the discipline which takes at least 7 years after medical school graduation.

At that point in time, you should make an appointment to see Dr.

Mahajani prior to your surgery; especially if he has not seen you for more than 6 months, to review your current health state and update our records if you have been taking any new medications, receiving new treatments or have new medical conditions.Mahajani will discuss your condition, your expectations of the surgery and your medical history to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery.

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