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They agree to legally adopt Osguito if for some reason Maria and Max can’t keep him. Gui drags the Lush-ous Looni off to the side to tell her he’s pissed that she managed to make such a fool out of him. She tells him to cool his jets, it’s not like he ever wanted kids! Jimena is whining to Mama Roxy about how everyone is so envious of her and wants to take whatever she has away. Roxy tells her to can it before somebody around there hears, puts two and two together, and guesses that she was the one who offed Linda. He can’t leave her for a fifth-rate actress like Looni. Maria falls for the flattery and the well-placed nasty asides about Victoria and Ji. Milie finally reaches Max on his cell and gives him the bad news as Fausto listens in the background.

Maria tells Max that she already knew Osguito was Gui’s since he came by her place earlier to snicker at Ozzie’s rotten luck while demanding his rights to see JPito. She says she hates this Leonela for taking Guillermo and her spot as top model. It just so happens that Fausto overhears Roxy talking about Ji murdering Linda. Max tells Maria and they race back to the vecindad where Maria screams and cries at Mili about her totally irresponsible behavior. Burnarda salivates at the thought of finally accomplishing her divine works.

Neither wants the little boy to grow up with the likes of two loco weeds like Gui and Ji. Gui is Osguito’s baby-daddy, but Osvaldo Sandoval is Max’s! She admits she did it to get even with his father and diverts the conversation to Maria and how beautiful and accomplished she is.During her exclusive interview with a member of the press, Looniella blames everyone thinking she was dead on her ex, Oz.The reporter asks if she’s dating anybody else right now.She’s determined to think about living rather than dying and what she still hasn’t accomplished yet: namely, finding her little Maria.

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Max races over to Alonso’s apartment and immediately accuses him.Antonieta and Oscar drop by the hospital to give Vicki the word on the fashion show awards going to Casa Bernarda this year.

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