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Confirmation is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church in which the one who is confirmed (confirmandi) receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the imposition of hand and anointing with oils by the bishop.It’s considered a sacrament of initiation which means that it brings you deeper into communion with the Church.Often members of the parish will volunteer for those who are unable to find a suitable sponsor.The sacrament of confirmation is the way for a Catholic to attain full membership in the Catholic Church.However, the Bishop can also ‘delegate’ his apostolic authority to perform the sacrament of confirmation to the local priest who is then able to administer the sacrament without the bishop having to be present.“Like Baptism which it completes, Confirmation is given only once, for it too imprints on the soul an indelible spiritual mark, the ‘character,’ which is the sign that Jesus Christ has marked a Christian with the seal of his Spirit by clothing him with power from on high so that he may be his witness.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1304) In other words, just once!Bishops are the original ministers of Confirmation along with other Catholic sacraments (Lumen Gentium 26). They have received the fullness of the sacrament of Holy Orders.The administration of this sacrament by them demonstrates clearly that its effects is to unite those who receive it more closely to the Church, her apostolic origins, and her mission of bearing witness to Christ.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1313) In the Eastern churches (non-Latin rites) the priest is the ordinary minister of this sacrament and performs it immediately after baptism.

In fact, the first example of Catholic Confirmation can be found in Acts -17.Confirmation sponsors “bring the candidates to receive the sacrament, present them to the minister for anointing, and will later help them fulfill their baptismal promises faithfully under the influence of the Holy Spirit whom they have received.” ( Since a sponsor has such a significant role to play in the development of confirmation candidate it is important that this person be one who is a living example of faith, one whose actions reflect the actions of Jesus.A confirmation sponsor offers support and encouragement during the confirmation preparation process.-- I believe that schools are not useful for being an artist.

I do not mean at all that they must be closed but the method is not everything.

Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation which completes baptism through sealing in Holy Spirit and anoints the recipient as priest, prophet, and king.

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