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Folk creations (the best known is the ballad Mioriţa) were the main literary genre until the 18th century.

They were both a source of inspiration for cultivated creators and a structural model.

It is also believed, in Wallachia that the saliva of a balaur can form precious stones.

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In the early history, the “solomonarii” were considered rather as benevolent, but as Christianity begun to supplement early beliefs, the “solomonarii” began to be considered evil, and the popular beliefs invented even an “anti-solomonar” sort of hero.

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It is said that the children which will became “solomonar”, are born with different signs on them.

Later, as the legend says, these children were chosen by experienced Solomonari, taken into forests or in caves, which were usually marked with coded inscriptions.

There are many legends about her, differing from area to area.