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C., was one of 10 finalists for the 2016 Financial Times Oppenheimer Funds Emerging Voices award for visual art.The Abel’s new exhibit “explores universal human experience through the manifold meanings we associate with the human body, its parts, its sustenance, and its loftiest ambitions” the announcement adds.Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff December 17th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) — This month the second Addis Video Art Festival takes place at various locations in Ethiopia’s fast-changing capital exploring the notion of “love triangle” and featuring works by a diverse group of international artists interpreting unique personal vantage points formed as a result of constant mobility, forced or otherwise.

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In this way, the complexity of the human experience is portrayed more accurately.

“At the heart of [Abel's] work are traces of both the cutting edge and the long arc of history.