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Both webpages included an extensive bibliography, webpage links, UTube links, quotations, lore, information, history, sources for weapons, notes, and lists of Forms (katas, shi) for staff weapons practice.The short staff weapons webpage, called the Way of the Short Staff, included information on Taiji cane practices.Your comments, ideas, contributions, and constructive criticism are encouraged. "As the backbone of our self defense techniques, this video shows all the blocks, strikes, punches, twirls, swings, etc. "Beifang Qi Taiji Zhang means 'Northern Energy Taiji Cane.' This exciting original form was created to introduce the cane to Taiji practitioners, and to introduce Taiji principles to martial artists interested in the cane. All Master level cane practitioners excel in cane self defense, teaching ability, exercising with the cane and natural healing. This book allows the student to compare and contrast the two lineages." ISBN: 978-1-929047-78-9. 104 minutes, DVD, with many extra features and outtakes. This form has been passed on to only a few persons by now. This program is based on the principles of higher starting point, authentic theories, and excellent works. This set is not the same as the Shaolin Bodhidharma's Cane as taught by Master Shi Deyang. The movements in this routine are fierce, vigorous, simple, natural and poised. After all, if you think about it handing a simple stick to a Kung Fu artists who can do sword, spear, whip and dagger is just like saying "anything goes." This is definitely not your grandfather's cane form." In this instructional DVD, the lineage of this particular Shaolin Cane form is given as: Ted Mancuso was taught by Lam Kwong Wing, who was taught by Yim Shang Mo, who was taught by Gu Ru Shang, who was taught by Yan Gi Wen, who was taught by Yan Di Gong, who was taught by Wang Bang Cai, who was taught by Gan Feng Chi, who was taught by Monk Zhao Yuan He Shang.in the Cane Masters system demonstrated both right and left handed. Beifang Qi includes sets of "Qigong" or "energy exercises", multiple views of the form and a complete section on basic applications. By taking a look at three of the pioneers of the art of the cane and the way in which they present their art, we find the commonalities that define the masters. British Quarter Staff Association "The British Quarterstaff Association teaches men the art and technique of the quarterstaff, a weapon whose use predates written history. This film features many beautiful and elaborate sets from the largest film studio in the world, Hengdian World Studio, or "Chinawood," near Shanghai, China. Hearty and generous impartation here is aimed at quick and effective acquirement by any learner." Vendor 2. It cleverly and reasonably utilizes the techniques of attack and defense, so it can both attack and defend. Read the short essay by Ted Mancuso on "So yes, there probably was a time when monks were encouraged to use their humbled wooden instruments as a first and stolid line of defense.Consequently, links to some good webpages become invalid and the files are no longer found on the Internet.You may find a some of these "dead links" to nonexistent webpages cited below; and, there is no way to avoid this troublesome situation. Developed by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., founder of Cane Masters. Available for purchase from both Plum Publications and Amazon.The cane might have a straight rather than curved or hooked end with a round ball shaped (pommel) end or some sort of straight or carved handle at the end.

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The pace of the Taijiquan cane forms are seldom fast and vigorous. Good examples of a Taiji Cane Form are: the Standard Beijing 24 Form with Cane created by Master Wen-Ching Wu; the Eight Immortals Cane Form, Part I, created by Master Jesse Tsao; the Plum Blossom Taiji Cane Form; the Tai Chi Stick 18 Form; the Bodhi Dharma Walking Stick Form; Master Michael Gilman's Three Powers Cane Form; the Wu Tang Cane Form of Master T. Taijiquan saber or broadsword forms are readily adapted for use with a cane, and some are fast and vigorous.In 2008, over 1,900,000 webpages (excluding graphics) were served to readers around the world from the Cloud Hands website.

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